Anglesey Bank Holiday Diving

By Alison Niewiarowska, Karen Ho

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Having had enough of the typical British weather (i.e. rain) over a couple of days in London, 8 of our ULSACers decided to get away from the city this bank holiday, of course, for the sake of diving. Having managed to battle through the Bank Holiday weekend traffic with all our kit and Rascal being towed at the back of the MPV, we made our way right to the other side of the country-Anglesey.

After spending hours on the motorway, We managed to have made our way to North Wales at 1am! We all managed to get a few hours of sleep before getting going on the next day. When the sun came out, we carried on our journey to Holyhead where we launched Rascal.

Unfortunately, as we had heard from the forecast the day before, we observed a horde of white horses at the marina-we were blown out. Then we heard that our back up site Vivian Quarry was closed due to rockfall (probably destroyed their office as well since we were not able to contact them at all!). So, with the guidance of Johnus (over the phone), we went to The White Eagle at Rhoscolyn for a nice feast. But that's not the end of the day yet....

Our original itinerary included Trearddur Bay, SS Missouri and possibly Puffin island drift. We did a dusk dive near Trearddur Bay, which I think Martin had the record for the deepest- a grand 3.5m. I think we all managed to have found a tiny crab at some point in the dive except Ali!

After a heavy shower swept across Wales over night, we returned to Holyhead Marina on Sunday to seek the possibility of diving off the boat. Yes, the weather was in favour of us this time, with the surface of the sea as flat as a mirror. So here we came heading to our first wreck dive-the Meath. In neutral, off we went. Started off with the typical British style green water, a surge of darkness gradually appeared with depth. Suddenly, I felt something hard and that was the wreck itself! We all surfaced very soon due to the poor viz. Perhaps we need to change the unit for viz to centimetres now!

We recovered Rascal afterwards despite only having used her once, and as we were all craving barbecue and, of course, reuniting with Mr Flappy Flappy we headed off to the Menai straits 🙂 .Needless to say how much alcohol and meat (and veggie) were devoured, we also had the After Eight Game mastery demoed by Martin.

For the purpose of time saving and better viz, we headed to Stoney Cove early next the morning. Michelle said it was the first time that she wanted to dive in a quarry. But at least you can see things underwater there. The staff gave us a confused look when he saw Rascal from the back of the MPV. Of course we were not launching her again, especially in a diving theme park. What was offered at Stoney Cove? Well, perches, pikes, crayfishes, submarines, planes, the stranegarth and the famous cheesy chips by the bar. At least we did some diving at the end along with all the silliness and fun.