Day 0 – Planning for our expedition

By Karen Ho

It was drizzling when I set off from home in Hertfordshire this morning, but as I traveled further south into London, that gentle rain turned into a very heavy shower with thunderstorms. There was a Met Office warning for heavy rain and wind, but I completely have forgotten about it after a sunny day at Gildy on Saturday. However, I did made it to the meeting at the end, but I was drenched even with a waterproof jacket. Perhaps I should have worn my drysuit instead before leaving home?

Ok, end of my moans about the British weather, back to our expedition meeting. We started with our First Class Diver (and National Instructor), Michelle, presented an overview of all the key factors we need to go through in the next few hours, ranging from what's going to be on the menu at night to the more serious risk assessment. Hannah, Ali N and I worked on the voyage plan. It took us quite a long time, but we made it at the end (thanks for the help from Michelle). Ali G and Andy continued with the research for more possible dive sites.

Working with charts. Hard work but fun! (notice all the nibbles beside!)

After a short break for lunch, Andy and Ali N continued working with the charts, whilst Hannah, Ali G and I worked with the logistics. Then we went through the risk assessment together with Michelle, I put forward another hazard, which was the infamous midge attacks for diving in Scotland (I heard about it my friend Steve who has been there last year). Tubes after tubes of anti-histamine cream alongside with insect repellent were the ultimate solution.

Plotting ALL of those dive sites and way points onto the chart.

And finally...with the ULSAC tradition, it's time to indulge those nicely chilled boozes from the fridge! (Also thanks to Andy for those delicious Krispy Kremes!)