Day 1 – battling through the motorway

As with the usual ULSAC trip, we met up at ULU to load all the kit and battled through the London traffic to Chiswick to pick up the boat. Once all the loading up is done at the boathouse, we set off with Rascal first with the MPV and the van remaining at the boathouse to wait for Natalie. The van will catch up with the MPV eventually due to speed restrictions for a towing vehicle, so there wasn't much worries involved.

We got out of London on M4, M25, then onto M40, where the traffic is usually the worst in the country. Surprisingly it wasn't too bad at all! Maybe due to the strike over in the Italian airport, or it's a bit too soon for another holiday abroad. We did have the slight worry of the trailer board falling off on M4, we stop by the side for a quick fix and off we went again. Then we followed on in the M40 and had a food, fuel and coffee stop near Warwick. Of course, we (probably Michelle) chose a service stop with a KFC. Not to mention the caffeine top up for Ali G.

'Keep calm and carry on' would probably be the theme for the next part of this motorway battle. There were various closures on M6 due to "road work", though all we saw were a nice line of cones displayed in the dark and a rather long queue in front and behind us. As we were educated citizens here, surely we followed the diverted traffic signs which would have led us back onto M6. Indeed, all the signs we followed only had 'traffic diversion' on it. What's missing, you ask? We found ourselves heading down south again!

The satnav only told us 'turn back when possible' whichever direction we were heading, it probably just got fed up like a windows PC. No worries, we still have ulsac's navigation team on board. No, I did not meant using a compass, set a bearing to Lancaster and make our own way through the meadows in the dark. Finding decent signals for our phones has proven to be a challenge for us spoiled Londoners, we did managed to find some when we were in the middle of a hamlet. By this time, past midnight in the middle of nowhere, we have switched to our alternate source for caffeine. Red bull as you may have guessed. We finally made it to the hotel at 2am. It's rather late for a pint in the bar, unfortunately.