Day 2 – more roads, more traffic ahead

After a restful nap at the premier inn we stopped by last nightt, we carried on with our journey to the Isle of Skye. Apparently there's still another 300 odd miles to go and it will take about 8 hours according to the satnav and smartphones. Before I talk about traffic and queues, let's look on the positives first.

Premier inn- as Ali G quoted from their adverts "all premium quality, but the price". It did cost more than camping, but which is more important? £10 extra to spend on boozes or Proper bed, generous parking space, kettle with hot drinks, hot showers etc. we chose the latter this time. There were plans to have breakfast before setting off last night, but I didn't see anyone until 9:30am this morning, presumably we were all trying sleep as much as we could. Breakfast? A cup of coffee should just be enough before we hit another service stop.

Weather-a bit of showers in the midlands and southern part of England, later there's rain near Edinburgh, but sunshine in west of Scotland. Though half of the cows we saw on the way were sitting down. We drove through sun shines, showers, storms and rainbows. Perhaps that was just Scottish weather.

Engines on, and off we went again. And there comes the traffic queues, thankfully it wasn't a long wait before we are on the move again. Shortly after we crossed the Scottish Borders, we stopped for our brunch (it was approaching 12). We allowed ourselves 15 minutes for doing all the necessity bits and head off again. The van arrived before us probably just a couple of minutes before. It seems like we all chose the same option there: McDonald meal plus extra large coffee from costa for the drivers. Before we set off again, we did some ulsac style DIY. (i.e. Duct taping the L plates as Michelle is supervising Ali G to drive (hence topping up the coffee)). We still have another 6 hours to go.

The original plan was to have the van crew to fetch all the grocery shopping in Fort William whilst the MPV crawling along the Scottish A roads. Unfortunately the satnav on the van led to the ferry pier instead of the bridge. We all managed to get there before mid night, but with diving coming up next morning, it's better to hop into bed very soon.