Day 4 – Meanish pier

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It's a rather unusual start this morning as our dive sites for today are quite a distance from the base camp. We split half of the group going onto the boat whilst the others driving most of the dive kit in the van. Who arrives first? The van did. There was only 5 cars passing us for the half hour drive. We did pretty much the same in reverse after our dives, though the van is on a mission for restocking supplies and hunting down our desired 3G or potentially wifi signals.

SS Chadwick

Sank in July 1892 whilst en route to St Petersburg from the River Clyde, she hit rocks near Neist Point due to fog. The bow was grounded and water came in through the forward holes. We were blessed with excellent weather conditions and correct slack water time (also thanks for the boaties shot it bang on the boiler 🙂 ). Large section of the ship is still recognizable and there's also some large settlements of anemones and sponges on rocks which made the scenery very colourful and picturesque.

What's the difference between apples and onions?

Onions? 5 a day?

You tell me the answer. Where are the apples? Well, when I opened the cool box, I have found a bag of onions instead. Probably the Branston's pickles were not strong enough with the cheese and ham sandwiches. Did we have any fruit at all? The closest ones would be tomatoes and cucumbers, or just have the onions.

Meanish reef

This site located just off our launch site. Just shortly before we head to our dive site, we encountered a free diver whilst getting the boat ready. We did offer him for a free boat ride, but he was more than happy to swim there instead. There are two section to this site. The one closer to the slipway has a rocky bottom and has a wide variety of critters living around the reef. This is also a popular fishing site for the locals. Further down west, there's another reef which has a mass population of soft corals. Just like a dreamland.

Post diving....

As we were approaching the slipway at Waternish, we saw the locals trying to launch their fishing boat. Michelle and Ali G went to offer help and not long afterwards they launched her successfully. Apparently their original plan was to wait for high tides (!). We managed to make it back on land before the midge attack especially after experiencing the consequence for finishing near dusk yesterday. Nevertheless, we all pack up as quickly as possible before we suffer another bite from the midges.

We haven't give up our hopes with searching for wifi. Some of us even had our phones and laptops ready as we were driving to Meanish pier this morning. I managed to get a Facebook message across but that's pretty much about it. After the dives, the wifi hunting team (Henry and natalie) went off with the van. The rest of us, had our dinner, post dinner drinks, dive planning, writing up dive logs and they haven't turned up. Suddenly, we heard some bottle banging noise coming from the corridor. They were alive and found the almighty wifi at Portree.