Day 5 – when is slack water?

SS Doris

In July 1909, SS Doris sank just off the south-east corner of Neist Point, and her skeletal wreckage can be found running down the last gully on the south side. The dive centre gave us a few tips on finding the wreck, but initially, we weren't entirely confident we'd found it. Also, it was the day of a full moon spring tide, so the currents were strong and unpredictable. We arrived at the site about an hour before predicted slack water. Andy and Ali shotted the site based on the GPS coordinates and the information we had. We cautiously sent the first diving pair before expected slack, instructing them to send up an SMB if they found the wreck. To our relief, an SMB was deployed soon after they descended. However, by the time they had finished their dive, the current had picked up to the point where it was too strong to safely dive the wreck. As slack water had occurred earlier than predicted, the last buddy pair couldn't dive that site. So, they relocated to our back-up site at Meanish Reef and had an enjoyable dive there instead.

Oisgill bay

For the afternoon dive, we found a nice reef on the south side of Oisgil Bay. The rocky wall had plenty of life, with a plethora of fish, squat lobsters, crabs and starfish (including a huge one Ali G used as a hat!). Henry brought a pot hummus with some crusty bread with him for the dive. Did the fish like it? Probably?

Michelle's homemade green curry paste

Thai green curry is on the menu tonight, with our first class chef's (I.e. Michelle) supervision, what can go wrong? The curry itself is fantastic, but some have found it a bit too much on the spicy side. Luckily the classic remedy (cider) worked nicely for me.