Day 7 – Minke whales, dolphins and seals!

We had a well-earned lie-in today, to get over the excitement of the previous day's night dive. The sea was calm and crystal clear, and the weather was glorious -- the divers couldn't wait to get in the water, as it was way too hot on the surface, most jumped off the slipway to cool off!

Ard Beag drift

For our first dive, we planned to have a drift dive off Waternish Point, but were advised by the local dive centre that we'd get more current at a closer site called Ard Beag. We headed over to Ard Beag, Hannah and Natalie located a suitable site to drop off divers, and we let ourselves be taken by the current. The dive centre centre certainly weren't joking about the current -- it was running at over 1 knot, and pulling us over the kelp and rock at lightning pace! Some buddy pairs managed to drift dive over the reef, but others were taken to a sandy bottom, although all had an enjoyable dive with plenty of marine life to look at, including a family of crabs feeding scallops to their young.

Impromptu sea safari

During the surface interval, we heard from a sight-seeing boat that there were minke whales spotted north of our launch site. Since we have made all those 400 odd miles to the Isle of Skye, why shouldn't we make the extra 10 for the sea safari? After kitting up the RIB, we set off to Waternish Point for some whale watching during our surface interval. We switched off the engines, GPS, echo sounder. We waited, and waited for the legendary winke whale to surface. Silence. Gopros, cameras stand by. Everyone on the boat kept an eye in each direction waiting for the giant to appear. Dolphins! 2 o'clock direction! Look! Look! We were most fortunate to spot seals, some pods of porpoises and 3 minke whales!

Clett Island

After our whale watching session, it was time for a second dive. We chose a site close to our launch site, so we could recover the RIB at high tide ready for our final day's diving away from the Isle of Skye. We found an interesting looking reef on the north shore of Clett Island. All divers had an enjoyable dive, with reports of an enormous edible crab protecting his girlfriend!

After the final dive, we braved the midge cloud again to recover the RIB ready for the next morning's journey. Then it was time for a very hearty pub dinner to celebrate the successful week on Skye.