M2 and many more in Portland

M2 the motorway in Kent? No, I meant the submarine. And yes, we had 8 metres of viz down at 30m!

Good dive? Good dive! (Photo courtesy of Skindeep Diving Charters, Weymouth)

The M2 was an M-class submarine and was launched in 1919. Like the other members of her class, she was armed with a single 12-inch (305mm) gun as well as torpedo tubes. The Mark IX gun was taken from spares held for the Formidable-class battleships. She left her base at Portland on 26 January 1932, for an exercise in West Bay and lost communication with Titania, the submarine depot ship. The hangar door has apparently been opened with the plane still inside. There has been an attempt to salvage the M2 on December 1932, but it was unsuccessful due a adverse weather conditions.

The M2 now rests upright on a sandy seabed at 35m. It has became a home for many critters such as congers (a BIG one), crabs, gurnards, cod etc. I have to say, most of us didn't expect to have such good visibility as no one brought a camera for this weekend!

Coordinates : 50 34' 55N 2 33' 99W

Scallop dance show

I heard many reports about divers caught scallops from the divers and their counterparts (i.e. the head chefs). From divers- it's just like playing video game, jump in with your goody bag, grab it when you see it. Review from chefs-The aroma and freshness filled the entire kitchen and dinning room. The tender, soft texture and juiciness...mmmmm.....

The stories were true indeed. Scallops with the size of a saucer and they were everywhere! I have seen a couple of miniature ones swimming in front of me by clapping their shells. However I didn't believe those folklore were true and I didn't have confidence in my cooking skills.