Anglesey Bank Holiday Diving

Having had enough of the typical British weather (i.e. rain) over a couple of days in London, 8 of our ULSACers decided to get away from the city this bank holiday, of course, for the sake of diving. Having managed to battle through the Bank Holiday weekend traffic with all our kit and Rascal being

The Kingdom of Cornwall Story

On Friday the 17th of August 7 ULSAC divers left chiswick to take on the diving in Cornwall. Having left behind a gloriously sunny London none of us were too impressed being greeted into Cornwall by pouring rain. However waking up the next day to clearer skies and the addition of 2 more divers marked

Diving on the freezing Dorset coast

Whilst the sea was freezing over down the coast in Sandbanks (see link), ten intrepid ULSAC divers headed to Doset for some winter diving around Portland in early February. A brisk morning greeted us on the Saturday; thermometers distinctly displaying sub-zero temperatures. Luckily the water was a lot warmer than anyone anticipated so it was

Day 13 – And now, the end is here…

Our single dive on the South Coast proceeded with military precision. A late start permitted our campers to be on top form (well as much as the rigours of the previous day would permit), and we went through the “Yay – go diving!” bit pretty much on automatic. After so many days, everyone knew everything

Day 12 – Not much stops us diving

So, after the exertions of the skittles the night before, which obviously taxed many non-diving muscles, our divers woke to find a day of heavy rain and strong winds – we had broken our Weather Fairy – boo! The nice thing about an island though is that there should be somewhere to dive, and so

Day 11 – Stunning scenery and skittles

After a refreshing day off, we were all looking forward to another excellent day’s diving. We were in for a real treat today! Not only did the day managers permit something of a lie-in (0845 leave, anyone?), the weather and tide fairies ensured glorious conditions. Sardriere in distant Northern Sark was our first dive, with

Day 10 – Chillaxing on the Island

We were all looking forward to Day 10 as our fantastic leader had decided it was to be a day of rest. The day began with being chucked out of the pub at midnight, with several people staggering a short distance home up a few narrow roads with shouts of ‘CAR’ every few paces, Ali

Day 9 – Like a well-oiled machine

Today, being the First of August, while “pinches and punches” were omitted by most, Helen declared that this was her homeland’s (Switzerland) National Day. More power to her. Apparently one of the traditional celebrations of Switzerland Day involves throwing apple cores at passing motorists – we didn’t really understand the significance of this, but Helen

Day 8 – Things go very, very right

Gouliot Caves After several days of fantastic diving in considerably varying slack water from the sublime to something Alton Towers would be proud of, Ali, our illustrious trip leader, contacted the local dive club again and begged on bended mobile for more information until pity took the better of them. Jo Mahy, social secretary and

Day 7 – The day we should have taken off

Day 7 in Guernsey. Everyone was pretty tired and grumpy (well, especially Andy). Our first dive was a reef named l’Etac, just off Sark. I dived it with Liam, and while it didn’t seem like a great dive at the time, when we surfaced, we realized that we were pretty lucky. Ali declared that the