Day 6 – Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away

The morning dive took in the Les Dents, which translates into English as “The Teeth”. A difficult site to navigate, but many interesting dives were had. At the most varied part of the area, the multiple gullies each acted as an individual wall covered in dead mens fingers and anemones. One diver pair spent most

Day 5 – drifts and reefs

Today was the day of two scenics and oh what quality scenics they were.The great thing about the currents in the Channel Islands is that they bring with them clear water. In the morning we dived a reef called Anfre. Dropping onto the reef to start our drift it was pleasant but wouldn’t be described

Day 4 – So many ninjas

The weather continues to be kind to us here in Guernsey, with another scorchio day leaving red faces. However, we are having a great time, and remain hydrated in body and mind. The day was expertly managed by Chris and the whole string of events linked together like an elegant dance, with the protagonists being

Day 2 – Congers and Curry

Today we dived the ominously named Ammo Wreck. The requisitioned vessel, the wonderfully named Rudolph Wahrendorf was delivering supplies to the islands before being sunk by British bombers in the Second World War. We descended onto the stern, although this was contested by the resident Naval Architect (who was demonstrably wrong, as he swam through

Day 1 of our worldwide tour of Guernsey

When the first thing that happens on the first day of a trip is discovering the boat is broken, your mood changes quite quickly. Eric had been given the simple task of topping up the tubes of the boat but decided instead to fully deflate them and brake the valve. It may not have been

My experience of Bovi 2011

My first experience of diving took place on the Caribbean island of Dominica, and I got my PADI Open Water whilst living in the Indian Ocean. I’ve honestly never been one for cold temperatures, and I can’t exactly explain what motivated me to head off to Plymouth in April for some underwater adventuring. The idea

A week in the Western Isles of Scotland

After a long drive to Oban via Edinburgh Festival, we had arrived on the Gaelic Rose, a converted fishing trawler and our home for the next week, and had set steam for the Outer Hebrides. Weather forecasts, despite having looked reasonable throughout the previous week, now made us feel very pessimistic about reaching St Kilda-