Diving with us

What we do


Our year can be roughly broken down into two parts. Between the months of October and March we focus on teaching new members and continuing training for our existing divers. Then, beginning in April, we run regular trips where we head out and explore the very best diving the UK has to offer.

All our instructors are nationally qualified by BSAC and most importantly, they're members of our club. As instructors in BSAC are also volunteers, our members receive the added benefit of free tuition.

Most teaching over the winter takes place in the swimming pool or classrooms at the Student Central, University of London. We also make use of various inland sites for training when needed.

As a student club, we always try to keep the cost of our activities as low as possible. We also have club equipment meaning new members don't have to buy everything themselves. We believe ULSAC is one of the most affordable (and fun) places to learn to dive safely.