How much does it cost?


Although diving is not the cheapest activity to learn, we believe learning to dive with ULSAC is one of the most fun and affordable ways to do so safely. As all our instructors are volunteers, everything you pay is at cost price, we don't make any profit. This page lays out the costs involved in learning and continuing to dive with us.


All members of ULSAC are required to have membership of our club, BSAC and the pool*. The club membership goes towards maintaining equipment and paying for the general running of the club including administration costs of the training you receive. Among other things, your BSAC membership provides you with third-party liability insurance and access to the diver training program.

ULSAC membership £32
BSAC membership £30.50 for students
£59 for non-students
Pool membership For students: £8 per pool session or £60 per year to access club sessions only;
or £120 per year for full Energybase membership

For more information about BSAC membership rates, please visit

Student Central may refund some of these costs but our budget is still yet to be confirmed.

Our ocean and sports diver training

All club training is run at cost, with our instructors giving their time for free. This makes it hard to put a price on each qualification but as a guideline typical costs are broken down below:

Training materials
Packs with qualification cards and all the theory material
Inland training
2 days at an inland site to complete training dives returning to London each evening
Includes transport, kit hire, entry fees
South coast diving
A weekend diving from our boats on the south coast
Includes transport, accommodation, food, kit hire, boat hire, and all other costs

Those who wish to can buy or use their own equipment rather than hiring our club equipment.

Qualified divers

Qualified divers wishing to crossover but remain at their current level - relevant to PADI Open or Advanced Open Water or equivalent (if you hold a higher qualification than this please email us)

The membership costs will still apply to you. Depending on your experience in order to crossover to BSAC Ocean Diver you will need a training pack and an inland training trip as above. More details here

If you continue training with us you would need to pay for any training packs or courses you take and any other costs involved, eg. inland training or diving trips. Other than that, you are ready to dive with us!

Last updated 01/10/18