Freshers 2016

Try Dives

Have a go!
We will be running free try dives on Monday 10th (7:30pm), Friday 14th (6:30pm) and Saturday 15th (6:30pm). If you’ve never tried SCUBA diving before come and have a go!
Student Central have limited the number of free passes to these sessions so you will need to sign up in advanced. Signups will be on our calendar 2 days before, closing lunchtime the day before. Passes will be available on a first come basis and we will e-mail you confirmation.

Intro Talk

Come and meet some members of the club!
We will be holding an intro talk to explain how membership and training work at 7pm on Wednesday 12th. We are a diving club, not a school so this will be followed by some beers in the bar. The talk will take place on the 3rd floor of Student Central.

For more information start here, and don't forget to join our mailing list (on the side bar of this page).