What we teach


We train people according to internationally recognised BSAC diver grades, from absolute beginners all the way up to advanced diver qualifications. Lessons are taught in the swimming pool and classrooms at Student Central. Pool lessons take place on Monday and Friday evenings.

For complete beginners

Training will run over terms 1 and 2 at Student Central. This will cover everything you need to learn to dive and earn the first BSAC qualification, Ocean Diver.
Practical training will begin in the pool on Monday and Friday evenings, with some Saturday sessions too, and end with diving from small boats on the south coast of the UK (weather permitting). You do not need to attend every session.

  • Theory lectures will be on Wednesday nights and are a non optional part of the course. If you are unable to attend one or two Wednesdays that will be fine, however if you are unable to attend most of them you will need to email the training team to discuss ways we might be able to catch you up. There are 7 theory lectures, followed by a theory assessment.
  • Pool lessons will aim to teach you the skills required for open water diving. Each lesson will teach a different skill and build up on the previous one. You will need to show adequate competency in the lesson to progress to the next one, otherwise we may ask you to repeat it the next time you attend. There are 5 pool lessons, followed by a practical assessment. You will have to pass all pool lessons to progress to open water diving.
  • Open water lessons will take place once your pool training is complete. They will aim to build up on the skills learned in the pool and apply them to real-life diving. These will take place on some weekends. We usually go to a quarry and/or the sea.

    To see a more detailed syllabus for a BSAC diving course, please see

    For people with existing qualifications

    If you already have a diving qualification from BSAC or another agency (eg. PADI, SSA), you could start diving with us once you've completed a skills checkout dive in the pool, depending on your qualification level.

    The table below shows the approximate BSAC grade for other qualifications although this is assessed on an individual basis.

    ocean diver open water / advanced open water one star diver scuba diver / advanced scuba diver open water / advanced open water open water
    sports diver rescue diver two star diver scuba rescue diver advanced open water with stress and rescue speciality club diver
    dive leader divemaster divemaster dive control specialist dive leader
    advanced diver three star diver dive supervisor

    If your qualification is with another organisation you can "crossover" to the equivalent BSAC grade and continue training to the next level. We encourage new members with existing qualifications to follow this route in order to keep their skills up-to-date and to open up a greater range of diving to them.

    For those with qualifications equivalent to BSAC ocean diver (ie. PADI open water and advanced open water)

    In order to crossover you will need to:

    • Attend lectures 1 and 4 of the Ocean Diver Course (this is free and can be organised separately if you can't attend the scheduled ones)
    • Complete 2 pool sessions - 1 to refresh/checkout your current skills and 1 to teach a skill (controlled buoyant lift, CBL) that is part of Ocean Diver but not PADI OW or AOW.
    • Attend 1 day at an inland site to do an open water refresher dive and open water CBL

    You are then welcome to attend any ULSAC dive trip as a qualified Ocean Diver and will be eligible to undertake further training with us in the future if you choose to do so.

    Beyond sports diver, skill development courses and instructor training

    Once you're qualified as a BSAC sports diver, you can of course continue your training with us - we teach people all the way up to the advanced diver grade. As well as that you can also expand your experience and expertise by going on skill development courses (SDCS). These cover a wide range of subjects but popular courses include boat handling and underwater photography. We run some courses ourselves but it's also possible to take part in courses run by regional BSAC teams. In addition to all this, once you become a sports diver you can start working towards becoming an instructor if that interests you.

    Throughout your training with us, you'll have a team of experienced instructors to help and offer advice but if you have any questions about our courses you can find answers to common questions in our FAQ or you can contact us.