Sports Diver Theory ReCap – Wednesday

These sessions will recap the Theory component of Sports Diver.

They will be more intense with 3 session on each of two nights, you only need to attend the lessons you have missed.

Wednesday 13/3:
7:00pm ST1 Sports diving (tides etc)
7:30pm ST3 Equipment & Techniques (dSMB etc)
8:00pm ST5 Gas planning and AS systems
8:30pm ST6 "Going Diving"

Wednesday 20/3
6:00pm ST4 Dive planning with Tables
7:00pm ST2 Rescue - includes BLS/CPR practical (no skirts please!)

We'll be in room 3A at Student Central starting at 6pm.

Please sign up by Wednesday morning for each session you need to attend so we know who to expect!

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